OptiTherm+ digital clock thermostat

Digital clock thermostat for controlling one or more air heaters

The OptiTherm+ is a digital clock thermostat with internal room sensor with which 1 or more air heaters (type GS+), up to a maximum of 8, can be controlled on the basis of the room temperature by means of a bus system.

  • Push-button for switching the heating mode on and off.
  • Push-button for switching the fan of the air heater(s) on and off.
  • LED to indicate a malfunction along with notification on the display in the form of a failure code.
  • Reset button to release a burner malfunction.
  • An annual clock with 20 program blocks, clock program Mon-Fri, Tues-Fri, Sat-Son, daily or every day.
  • Exceptional days, 20 program blocks, programmable by date, switching to daytime, eco or night-time temperature.
  • 4 different operating modes (day, eco, night, frost).
  • An overtime timer for switching to a different operating mode outside the switching times. Overtime timer freely adjustable from 15 min to 24 hours switching to daytime, eco or nighttime temperature.
  • Pin code protection to protect settings such as temperature, clock program, etc.
  • Frost protection which automatically switches on the air heaters if the room temperature falls too far.
  • Digital clock thermostat.
  • Connection: bus system (2-wire).
  • Dimensions: 129 x 129 x 20mm (lxwxh)
  • Weight: 188 grams.
  • Protection class: IP30.
  • Ambient temperature: 0-40°C.
  • Temperature setting: 0 to 40°C per 0.5°C can be set
  • Time display: 24 hours
  • Summer/winter: adjustable automatic/off
  • Languages can be set to Dutch, English, German, French, Polish or Romanian
  • External sensor: option of measuring the temperature per unit or on the basis of an average value.
Article code
  • 0629185
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