Radiant heating

Radiant heating is a very energy-efficient choice for heating sports halls, production halls, aircraft hangars, showrooms and garages. Check out the black tube heaters, radiant panels and infrared heating from Mark Climate Technology.

Gas-fired radiant heating
Gas-fired radiant heating

Mark Climate Technology produces various gas-fired radiant heating systems. Our range of gas-fired radiant heaters consists of high efficiency black…

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Electric radiant heating
Electric radiant heating

The electric radiant heating range of Mark Climate Technology consists of electric radiant panels, infrared heaters and infrared panels. Check…

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Radiant panels
Radiant panels

Radiant panels heat without drafts, dust or air movement. This form of water-supplied radiant heating is experienced as very pleasant.

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How does radiant heating work?

By using a heat medium such as, for example, warm water or hot air (flue gases), pipework can be heated. The medium is able to heat the pipework to such a degree that the pipe emits its heat in the form of radiant heat. This heat can best be compared with the sun. The radiant heat is completely harmless, and provides a very pleasant atmosphere.

One major benefit is that the energy requirement is reduced by up to 10% and that the system is very fast. Reducing energy requirements and having a much shorter heating time means it is possible to reduce energy consumption by approximately 40% in comparison with conventional heating. The radiant heat ensures that the floor of the hall has a temperature higher than the desired hall temperature. Using radiant heating means that no pockets of heat form under the roof, unlike with conventional heating. No air is blown into the hall, so that people are not affected by air displacement or dust eddies. Think, for example, of the goods on warehouse shelves, which previously always became dusty, or sports halls where the air heaters had to be switched off during games of badminton.

The benefits of radiant heating

  • Short warm-up time
  • High floor temperature
  • Silent
  • No air movement
  • Low energy consumption
  • “Zone” heating is possible
  • Heat only where needed

Apply radiant heating?

Radiant heat is extremely functional and heats up a room quickly. When you switch on a radiant heating system, it gives off radiant heat in no time. This is often a good and constructive solution for places where it cools quickly. Mark Climate Technology is the market leader in radiant heating. You are therefore making a good choice by choosing our products and services.

At Mark Climate Technology you have various options when you go for radiant heat. If you are going for space saving and style, the water-supplied radiant panels may be an option. A black tube radiator is also part of the range of Mark Climate Technology. Our electric infrared heaters are extra economical. And what do all these products have in common? Everything is of very good quality! Quality of products and services is something that Mark Climate Technology has focused on. This way you as a customer always get the best!

Radiant heaters from Mark

Are you interested in radiant heating? Then you are at the right place at Mark Climate Technology. Our professionals are happy to provide you with more information about our range of radiant equipment. Feel free to call the following number: +31(0)598 656 612. For a quotation without any obligation, you can always send an e-mail to See you soon!