OJ user interface with touch panel

Control panel for controlling Airstream heat recovery unit

The OJ user interface with touch panel is an user friendly control panel for commissioning and setting the daily operation of the Mark AIRSTREAM. The control panel is very easy to use, thanks to the logical menu’s, easy navigation and recognizable symbols.

Read more about the OJ control for Mark air handling units here.

  • 3.5” color Touchscreen.
  • Easy navigation through grafic interface.
  • Connection and installation through Modbus.
  • Mounting on the Airstream or wall is possible.
  • QuickPlugTM installation.
  • All system parameters are visible to each user.
  • Only authorised users can change the system parameters. Access to the control system can be granted for 3 different levels:
    – User
    – Installer
    – Service
  • Voltage24 V DC, ±15%
  • Consumed current max 37,5 mA
  • Modbus RS-485, 115 kBaud
  • Modbus connection 2 x RJ12 6/6
  • Max. cable length 50 m (in low EMC environment)
  • Ambient temperature -10°C /+40°C
  • Air humidity 0-95% (not condensing)
  • Dimensions 80 x 121 x 42
  • Modbus cable MPFK6S
  • Density class IP21
  • Weight 190 g
Article code
  • 0631374
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