Water-supplied air heating

Need heating in a showroom or shop? Have you already thought about water-fed air heating? With the extensive range of indirectly fired air heaters, Mark Climate Technology has the solution for every project!

TANNER MDA water-supplied air heaterTANNER MDA water-supplied air heater
  • Manufactured with a corrosion-resistant aluzinc housing as standard
  • Copper/aluminium heat exchanger
  • Highly versatile due to extensive configuration options
  • Available as 230V or 400V
  • IP class 54
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TANNER MD hot water duct heaterTANNER MD hot water duct heater
  • Manufactured with a corrosion-resistant aluzinc housing as standard
  • Copper/aluminium heat exchanger
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TANNER MBA hot water air heaterTANNER MBA hot water air heater
  • Attractive appearance
  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise level
  • Powerful EC-fan
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TANNER MDC water-supplied air heaterTANNER MDC water-supplied air heater
  • Manufactured with a corrosion-resistant
  • Copper/aluminium heat exchanger
  • Highly versatile due to extensive configuration
  • External pressure up to 300Pa
  • Available as 230V or 400V
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TANNER CLA cassette unitTANNER CLA cassette unit
  • Modern design
  • Low maintenance
  • Powerful energy-efficient EC motor
  • Quiet
  • Built-in protected condensate pump
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LDA SWIRL water-supplied air heaterLDA SWIRL water-supplied air heater
  • RAL 9010 powder coating (other colours on request)
  • Low maintenance
  • Silent
  • Pleasant air diffusion
  • Attractive appearance
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FAN COIL decentral unitFAN COIL decentral unit
  • 8 sizes and 2 versions
  • Casing made of galvanized steel with a RAL 9010 coating
  • Copper / aluminum heat exchanger
  • Cleanable synthetic air filter type G2
  • Reliable low-noise EC fan
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COMFORT LINE Water-supplied air heaterCOMFORT LINE Water-supplied air heater
  • Energy saving
  • Comfort increasing
  • Long lifespan
  • High quality
  • Compact
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Indirectly fired air heating

With water-supplied air heating, also called indirectly fired heating, the air heater is heated by means of hot water supplied by a central heating boiler or heat pump. These unit heaters are also called LPHW (Low Pressure Hot Water) or LTHW (Low Temperature Hot Water) heaters. The hot water units are equipped with a heat exchanger that converts the hot water into warm air. It is then blown into the room via a powerful and energy-efficient fan.

The advantages of water-supplied air heaters

Water-supplied air heating has many advantages, such as comfortable heat and lower energy bills. In addition, the unit heaters are maintenance-friendly and low-noise. Compared to directly fired appliances, indirectly fired air heaters are often easier to install because no flue gas discharge is required.

Mark’s water-fed heating systems are available in many versions and an extensive capacity range. As a result, the air heaters have many applications, such as in showrooms, offices, shops, hospitals, changing rooms and industrial halls.

For industrial applications, Mark has the TANNER MDA in its range, the most versatile hot water air heater on the market. For rooms with low ceilings, we recommend the TANNER MBA or LDA SWIRL. These appliances have a limited height and can also be integrated in a system ceiling.

Mark has the COMFORT LINE in its range for the residential market. The COMFORT LINE ensures recirculation , filtering and heated supply of the air in a building or home. This allows all rooms to be heated quickly and comfortably.

Indirectly fired air heaters for your project

Mark’s LPHW/LTHW unit heaters are maintenance-friendly, low-noise and available in an extensive capacity range. Are you looking for an indirectly fired heating system for your project? We are happy to help you. Contact us via +31(0)598 656 612 or The professionals at Mark Climate Technology are at your service.