TANNER MDE electric air heater

Electric air heater for effective heating

The TANNER MDE is a suspended electric air heater for permanent use. The unit is equipped with horizontally adjustable discharge blades and can be mounted with the optional wall bracket. The unit has a powerful axial fan, which means that the unit has many applications.

The TANNER MDE electric air heater is designed for use in showrooms, changing rooms, industrial halls, ships and garages.

The TANNER MDE can be operated with an external selector switch with the following positions: ventilation, heating high and heating low. The unit is equipped with a thermostat connection.

Remote connection

The Pintherm Infra Connect can be used to control the Mark TANNER MDE. The settings of the thermostat can be read and/or modified with Modbus or Ethernet. This makes it possible to operate the electric air heater remotely. The thermostat can be connected to the BMS (building management system).

  • Aluzinc housing
  • 400V version
  • IP 00B
  • Long lifetime
  • Low noise level
  • Integrated electronic thermal protection
  • Post-running thermostat for efficient cooling.
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