L-TYPE vertical or horizontal air heater

A wide variety of uses

The Mark L-TYPE is a vertical or horizontal gas-fired air heater with a capacity of 30 to 600 kW. In combination with a 2-stage Low-Nox gas burner (< 70 mg/kWh), ERP 2021 Step 2 is fulfilled.

The device can be blown into the room with an optional exhaust hood or can be connected to a duct system (increased external pressure optional).

The Mark L-TYPE can be used in the following rooms: sports halls, churches, warehouses, offices and shops.

Remote connection

Remote connection for the L-TYPE is possible with the Pintherm Connect. The controller is equipped with an on/off contact and a 0-10VDC output. The settings of the thermostat can be read and/or modified with Modbus or Ethernet. This makes it possible to operate the air heater remotely. The thermostat can also be connected to the BMS (building management system).

  • A dual blast centrifugal fan with bent blades
  • Vee-belt drive
  • Pre-painted steel plating
  • Frame: aluminium profiles
Standard equipment
  • AISI 430 (1.4016) blast chamber
  • AISI 409 (1.4512) heat exchanger
  • Electrical switch box
  • Three-way thermostat
  • Motor cut-out
  • Condensate connection
  • 2-stage duct thermostat
  • Room thermostat PinTherm Connect
  • Outside installation
  • Air filter with filter monitoring
  • Servo or manually-operated slatted valves
  • Flexible connection
  • Downflow hood
  • Increased external pressure 300 Pa
  • Siphon for condensate connection
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