Digital Time Switch

Digital time switch to switch installations on and off

Digital time switch to switch installations on and off or to control temperature reductions for the night or over the weekend.

  • Simple to use
  • 8 on/off cycles with 13 different day blocks, programmable by day or block of days.
  • 4 different operating positions: manually on constantly, manually off constantly, adjustable countdown timer, automatic operation in accordance with timer switching programm.
  • Integrated countdown timer.
  • Suitable for wall installation or installation on DIN rail.
  • Manual on/off.
  • Rapid summer/winter time switching.
  • Power reserve 72 hours.
  • Dimensions 78.8 x 106 x 56mm.
  • Protection degree IP20 in accordance with EN 60 529.
  • Operating voltage AC 230V -15…10%, 50/60Hz, 3.0VA.
  • Relay contact Q AC24…240V, DC 24V, max. 6(3)A.
Article code
  • 0633030
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