Radiant panels

Radiant panels heat without drafts, dust or air movement. This form of water-supplied radiant heating is experienced as very pleasant.

INFRA AQUA DESIGN radiation panelINFRA AQUA DESIGN radiation panel
  • Aluminium panel, low weight per metre
  • Aesthetically pleasing and completely flat panel
  • High heat delivery compared to steel panels
  • Special designs with ventilation are possible
  • Galvanised distributors and registers possible when used in wet spaces
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INFRA AQUA ECO radiant ceiling panelINFRA AQUA ECO radiant ceiling panel
  • Simple installation / suspension
  • Low weight per metre
  • High heat emission
  • Galvanised finish for collectors and registers
  • Linking of panels by means of press couplings
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CEILFIT radiant panel for grid type ceilingCEILFIT radiant panel for grid type ceiling
  • Easy to clean
  • Frees up floor and wall space
  • Rapid warm up times, due to low water content
  • Low air movement
  • Low pressure drop (operating pressures)
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How do radiant panels work?

Radiant panels are very practical and deliver a measured amount of heat. This ensures a comfortable feeling of temperature. With enormous experience and expertise, Mark Climate Technology can supply you with the best radiant panels. The Mark Climate Technology panels consist of pipes through which warm water flows. The tubes are made of such good material that they radiate heat. This radiant heat can best be compared with heat from the sun. In this way you can quickly enjoy a warm space to work in.

Mark Climate Technology offers three types of radiant panels. The INFRA AQUA DESIGN is an aluminum radiant panel with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The INFRA AQUA ECO is a lightweight panel for economical heating and cooling. The CEILFIT is a radiant panel especially for use in a system ceiling. We are happy to advise you on which product is the best application for your project.

Applying water-fed radiant heating

The water-supplied radiant panels from Mark Climate Technology are perfect for heating various buildings and spaces. They not only look good, but are also very practical. Heating with hot water panels means heating without draft, dust or air movement. In addition, the heat is only obtained at the place where it is needed. Due to the short heating time and a lower room temperature, high energy savings can be achieved.

The good thing is that the water-supplied radiant heaters from Mark Climate Technology are well suited for various purposes. Think of factory halls, schools, offices and retail spaces. The spaces are evenly filled with heat. This is done in a completely silent manner. In addition, you save a lot of space with this type of ceiling heating. The radiant panel can even be built into a suspended ceiling.

For water-supplied radiant heating, contact Mark Climate Technology

Have you become interested in the water-supplied radiant panels from Mark Climate Technology? We are happy to make a non-binding offer for you. Contact us by sending an e-mail to or call +31(0)598 656 612. You will always be helped quickly by a technical expert from Mark.