Gas-fired radiant heating

Mark Climate Technology produces various gas-fired radiant heating systems. Our range of gas-fired radiant heaters consists of high efficiency black tube heaters and high temperature plaque heaters.

INFRA tube heaterINFRA tube heater
  • Available in 6 different types from 9 to 44,2 kW
  • Various sizes, from 3 to 18 m length
  • Highly reflective reflector hood, optional double air insulated (type +)
  • The radiator with a double air-insulated reflector can be optimized energetically by using a flue gas cooler (type ++)
  • The highly reflective radiation hood features integrated V-shaped reflectors and end caps
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INFRA HE high performance black tube heaterINFRA HE high performance black tube heater
  • Modulating control that optimally adapts the input capacity to the heat requirement
  • Available in 2 different capacities of 35 and 50 kW
  • Sizes of 9 and 12 meter in length
  • A NOx emission of < 35 mg/kWh
  • Highly reflective reflector hood, double air insulated
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INFRA LINE radiant heaterINFRA LINE radiant heater
  • Short warm-up time
  • High floor temperature
  • Silent
  • No air movement
  • Low energy consumption
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INFRA HT plaque heaterINFRA HT plaque heater
  • Ceramic burner
  • High heat output
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Advantages of gas-fired radiant heaters

With gas-fired infrared heaters, hot air (flue gases) is used as the heat medium, with which a tube register is heated. The gas can heat the register to such an extent that the tube will give off its heat in the form of radiant heat. This type of heating can best be compared to the sun. The heat is completely harmless and gives a very comfortable feeling.

By using radiant heaters, the air in a building does not need to be heated. The room temperature (air) will therefore be relatively low. The radiant heat ensures that the floor in the room assumes a temperature that is higher than the desired room temperature. An example of this is that at a wind chill of 20 degrees the ambient temperature is only 18 degrees.

Black tube heaters

The black tube radiant heaters from Mark Climate Technology are available in different sizes and with powers from 10 kW to 200 kW per device. We can offer a suitable solution for every building and every space.

Conventional heaters pull the heated air upwards beyond the usable range. When you use black tube radiators, the heat stays where it is needed. One major benefit is that the energy requirement is reduced by up to 10% and that the system is very fast. Reducing energy requirements and having a much shorter heating time means it is possible to reduce energy consumption by approximately 40% in comparison with conventional heating.

Where can you use infrared tube heaters?

Radiant heating is extremely suitable for zone heating so that, for example, only a workplace can be heated and not the entire room. Tube heaters also offer a solution for the heating of poorly insulated buildings. The radiant heaters from Mark Climate Technology are used in sports halls, production halls, distribution halls, workshops, garages and showrooms.

Heating your building with systems from Mark Climate Technology

Have you become interested in the gas-fired radiant heating from Mark Climate Technology? We are happy to make a non-binding offer for you. Contact us by sending an e-mail to or call +31(0)598 656 612. Our technical advisors aim to assist you as quickly as possible.