Thermostats and Time switches

You have also come to the right place for controlling your Mark HVAC unit. We have a wide range of room thermostats and clock thermostats.

230V Room Thermostat230V Room Thermostat
  • Required temperature adjustable from 10…30°C
  • Switch contact voltage free max. 4A / 230V
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Clock Thermostat RAM 832Clock Thermostat RAM 832
  • Language can be set to English, German, Dutch, French, Italian or Spanish.
  • Switch contact, voltage free safety low tension max. 6A(1)/250V~ min. 1mA 5V.
  • Temperature measurement range 0…50°C increments of 0.1°C.
  • Temperature setting range 6…30°C in stages from 0.2°C.
  • 3 control programmes, 2 pre-programmed, 1freely programmable with 22 memory points, programmable for Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun, every day or separate days.
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Zone control InfraZone control Infra
  • Delivery: Control panel with external display
  • Size ext. display (WxHxD): 160x98x43mm
  • Languages: English, French, German and Dutch
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Mounting of display: built-in / wall installation
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PinTherm Connect digital room thermostatPinTherm Connect digital room thermostat
  • Power: 230Vac / 50Hz
  • Own consumption: < 9W
  • Clock: 24 hour clock with automatic summer/winter time switching
  • Switching programs: 3 switching programs a day
  • Switching differential: 0,1 – 3K
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PinTherm Infra Connect digital room thermostatPinTherm Infra Connect digital room thermostat
  • Power : 230Vac / 50Hz
  • Own consumption : < 9W
  • Clock : 24 hour clock with automatic summer/winter time switching
  • Switching programs : 3 switching programs a day
  • Switching differential : 1°C
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PinTherm Infra HE Connect digital temperature controlPinTherm Infra HE Connect digital temperature control
  • Power: 230Vac / 50Hz
  • Dimensions: 376 x 300 x 120mm (WxHxD)
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Mounting of display: built-in / wall installation
  • Maximum number of Infra HE’s: 8
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OptiTherm+ digital clock thermostatOptiTherm+ digital clock thermostat
  • Push-button for switching the heating mode on and off.
  • Push-button for switching the fan of the air heater(s) on and off.
  • LED to indicate a malfunction along with notification on the display in the form of a failure code.
  • Reset button to release a burner malfunction.
  • An annual clock with 20 program blocks, clock program Mon-Fri, Tues-Fri, Sat-Son, daily or every day.
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Waterproof Room ThermostatWaterproof Room Thermostat
  • Bulb sensor filled with liquid.
  • Adjustment range from -5…+28°C.
  • Differential adjustable from 2…8K.
  • Material protection class and resistant to splashing in accordance with IP65
  • Switching power 230V~, 15(8)A
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Chronotherm Touch modulating thermostatChronotherm Touch modulating thermostat
  • Display: large touch screen with backlight.
  • The touch screen display can be locked in whole or in part.
  • Cleaning ability for the touch screen wihtout changing the settings.
  • Clock program: week program.
  • Adjustable up to 6 periods per day.
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Room thermostat with speed controlRoom thermostat with speed control
  • Power supply: 230V/50Hz, 230V/60Hz or 24V/60Hz
  • Protection class: IP30
  • Room temperature adjustable from 0…40°C
  • Transport / storage temperature: -10…+50°C
  • Humidity limits: 20…80% RH (not condensing)
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Surface contact thermostatSurface contact thermostat
  • Temperature adjustable from 20…90°C per 5°C.
  • Protection class IP40.
  • Voltage free exchange contact.
  • Switching power 24…230V~, 16(4)A, min. 150mA at 24V~.
  • Ambient temperature -35…+65 .
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Frost Protection ThermostatFrost Protection Thermostat
  • Adjustment range from -10…+12°C.
  • Switch differential 1K.
  • Protection class IP40.
  • Voltage free exchange contact.
  • Switching power 24…230V~, 15(8)A, min. 150mA at 24V~.
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Digital Time SwitchDigital Time Switch
  • Simple to use
  • 8 on/off cycles with 13 different day blocks, programmable by day or block of days.
  • 4 different operating positions: manually on constantly, manually off constantly, adjustable countdown timer, automatic operation in accordance with timer switching programm.
  • Integrated countdown timer.
  • Suitable for wall installation or installation on DIN rail.
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Types of thermostats

Controlling a Mark unit can be carried out in many ways. Everyone has their own ideas and wishes about this. Mark Climate Technology therefore has many options for this, from standard to project-based. For standard control, we have various room thermostats and clock thermostats, including Opentherm and modulating thermostats. Zone control is also an option.

Our range of Pintherm Connect thermostats are digital thermostats that are provided with a PIN code security and can be easily connected to the building management system (BMS). Thanks to several switching programs, it is possible to set the desired temperature for several situations.

Smart heating controls

New in our range are the Internet (web-based) controllable thermostats and controllers. The settings can be read and/or changed using Modbus or Ethernet. This allows remote connection to the thermostat via a web browser or a mobile app. You can operate or change the thermostat anywhere in the world with a telephone, tablet or laptop/PC.

The right thermostat for your Mark unit

Would you like advice on which thermostat or controller is suitable for your air heater, radiant heater or ventilation system? Please contact our technical advisors. We are happy to give you advice without any obligation. Send an e-mail to or contact us by telephone on +31 (0)598 656 612.