AHU air handling unit

The top indirect fired air handling unit

Mark has developed a range of air handling units with several options for a wide variety of applications. From a simple air intake unit to a fully automatically controlled air handling unit suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

There is a wide selection of heating systems, such as hot water batteries, gas or oil-fired modules, gas-fired make-up air systems or high performance gas-fired heating systems. Heat recovery and cooling are of course also possible.

Mark air handling units are made from seawater- resistant aluminium panels as standard. The benefit is lower weight and a longer life. The Mark air handling unit is a highly developed, premium quality product that can be adjusted to the customer’s requirements.

Plug & Play

The Mark AHU air handling units are supplied Plug & Play as standard. For efficient and proper operation, the units are equipped with a fully integrated control: the OJ-Air2 control. This control is programmed on a project basis. If you want to realize your own control, we can internally wire the air handling units up to a terminal box.

  • Air displacements up to 150,000 m3/h
  • Very economical to buy and use
  • Integration of high efficiency heating modules is possible
  • Modular construction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Long life
  • Flexible and variable
  • Proven design
  • Low weight
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