MAXIFLEX high capacity boiler

The high capacity boiler of Mark

The Mark MAXIFLEX is a very compact and sustainable high capacity boiler for industrial use with a capacity of 2200 kW (2,2 MW).

The high performance MAXIFLEX is suitable to heat offices, garages, warehouses, apartment buildings, workshops, distribution centers and showrooms.

For a complete heating solution from Mark it is also possible to combine the MAXIFLEX boiler with water-supplied products such as the TANNER MDA and INFRA AQUA ECO.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Proven and innovative technology
  • Cast aluminum heat exchanger
  • Robust
  • Low-noise
  • Advanced diagnostic system
  • Very low maintenance interval
  • Low service interval
  • Integrated pump control
  • Closed version available
  • Cascade control already integrated
  • Weather-dependant control
  • Control:
    – On/off thermostat
    – OpenTherm
    – BMS 0-10V control
  • Two years product warranty
  • One year service warranty
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