Climate control for non-residential construction

Mark Climate Technology is specialized in creating an optimal indoor climate for non-residential buildings. While our HVAC systems have traditionally been mainly found in industrial buildings, an increasing shift is noticed to the utility market. Of course, every building requires a different approach, which is why we are happy to provide project-specific advice.

Climate solutions for office buildings

Climate solutions for office buildings

A bad indoor climate affects productivity of office employees up to 15%. Causes are both a high CO2 level and room temperature. High room temperatures are frequently a problem in workplaces with lots of users. Computers, electronics, lighting, and people all contribute to the temperature. Large glass surfaces that collect a lot of sunshine affect the temperature as well.

Multiple ventilation is often required to ensure the availability of enough fresh air in an office or office building. A great deal of energy is lost when standard ventilation equipment is used. To counter this loss of energy, Mark has included a heat recovery unit, the AIRSTREAM, in its product range. The unit has an efficiency up to 90%. This means that 90% of the energy expelled is supplied to the fresh intake air.

Heat recovery for offices
Climate systems for the retail sector

Climate systems for the retail sector

Mark Climate Technology offers various solutions for a pleasant indoor climate for shops or showrooms. From complete climate system with heating, cooling and ventilation to individually operating climate devices. The Mark TANNER MBA is very suitable for rooms with a low ceiling. In combination with a central heating boiler or heat pump, this water-supplied air heater will warm up shops quickly.

The TANNER CLA and LDA SWIRL are very suitable for installation in a ceiling system. Both mentioned heaters are standardly equipped with a modulating EC fan, which allows the unit to fully modulate in power and air capacities. This ensures low-noise and energy-efficient operation.

Water-supplied air heating
Heat recovery units for new shopping center in Leidschendam

An optimal indoor climate for every type of use

A healthy and pleasant indoor climate depends on the activities commonly taking place in the building or space. In addition to HVAC solutions for shops and office buildings, Mark Climate Technology’s products are also suitable for all types of non-residential buildings.

Radiant panels are very suitable for use in sports halls and gyms. Heating with warm water radiant panels results in heating without draft, dust or air movement. In addition, the warmth reaches only the required location. Due to the short warming-up period and a lower room temperature, high energy savings can be realised.

In hospitals, clinics, as well as for example in cinemas, the optimum combination of heating, cooling and ventilation are important. The so-called air treatment of a building can be perfectly controlled with an air handling unit or heat recovery unit.

Upon entering the room, the visitor immediately experiences a comfortable temperature.
Radiant panels are very suitable for use in sports halls and gyms.
Former sugar factory in Groningen heated by Mark black tube heaters
Mark Climate Technology’s products are also suitable for all types of non-residential buildings.

Education Sector

On the topic of school ventilation and pleasant indoor climates for educational buildings, Mark Climate Technology is the right partner!

Climate Solutions for Education

Hospitality Sector

A climate system provides heating, cooling and fresh air in restaurants, hotels, bars or cafes. Mark is happy to advise!

Climate solutions for the Catering Industry

Climate solutions for utility

Every building has a different appliance. Whether it being office buildings, shops, sports halls or hospitals, Mark Climate Technology has the perfect climate solution for each. Our technical advisors will be happy to give customized, free, advice. Get in touch!

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