Specialist in Climate Control Since 1945

About Mark

Leading manufacturer for heating and cooling

Mark Climate Technology’s extensive range of products consists of: air heaters, radiant heaters, ventilation and recirculation equipment, air handling units, heat recovery units, dry coolers, boilers and bending machines.

Since 1945 we have been focusing on the climate control of large buildings. In those years we have developed us into the market leader in the Netherlands and beyond.

Mark is Europe’s largest manufacturer with a wide range of products for industry and utility. With our extensive range of products, we have a solution for every project because we are not bound to a single product type, a single supplier or a single distribution channel.

In the past 75 years, Mark proven itself as a reliable partner for European installer. In doing so, the focus on quality and technical support for the installer have high priority within the company. The products of Mark Climate Technology are characterized by their robustness and reliability. Mark engineers and produces all products in-house, so you buy a solid product where quality is paramount.

The Mark Holding consists of six companies: six sales and service locations in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Poland and Romania and two production locations: one in the Netherlands and one in Ireland.

The benefits of Mark:

  • Mark is a manufacturer and supplies directly to the European installer
  • Mark has a very broad product range
  • Mark offers an excellent price-quality ratio
  • Mark gives free advice
  • Mark makes a transmission calculation for free
  • Mark makes an energy analysis for free
  • Mark gives a temperature guarantee

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