Mark Heat pump Split Unit

Both cooling and heating with a split unit

Control the climate at the office, in the store or in your home with Mark’s energy-efficient air conditioners. Enjoy an air conditioner that can both cool and heat. The Mark heat pump split unit consists of an indoor and outdoor unit. In addition to cooling, the indoor unit also provides heating and dehumidification

The Mark heat pump split unit is equipped with advanced inverter technology. This technology ensures that the temperature of the air conditioner is quickly adapted to the changed conditions in a room. It also makes the air conditioner very energy efficient.

  • Very attractively priced
  • Both cooling and heating
  • Energy saving
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extremely quiet: 25dB(A) (Indoor unit)
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Self-diagnosis function
  • Cooling medium R32
  • High density filter
  • Installation flexibility: up to 25 m (type 353) / 30 m (type 553) piping length possible between the indoor and outdoor unit.
  • Standard remote control with temperature sensor
  • Optional: Control via Wi-Fi
  • Delivery from stock
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