Climate control in the hospitality sector

In the hospitality sector, creating a pleasant indoor climate is very important. After all, guests need to feel comfortable in a restaurant, hotel, bar or cafe. A HVAC system not only provides heating and cooling of the room or building, but also improves the air quality in the facility.

A pleasant temperature for every hotel guest

The indoor climate of a hotel is subject to the expectations and wishes of the various users. Not just for hotel rooms, but also for restaurant, kitchen, lobby and meeting rooms. It is important that an optimal indoor climate is realized throughout. All these spaces must be provided with heating, cooling and ventilation in their own specific way. Healthy air quality and a low noise level are also important when selecting a HVAC system for hotels.

The air handling units from Mark Climate Technology are particularly suitable for regulating the indoor climate of hotels. For example, the Mark AIRSTREAM heat recovery unit provides heating, cooling and ventilation. This heat recovery unit has an efficiency of up to 90%. Meaning 90% of the extracted energy is added to the fresh supply air. For efficient and proper operation, the units are equipped with a fully integrated control: the OJ-Air2 control. This control is programmed on a project basis, making these units a energy-efficient choice!

Good air extraction is of high importance for the kitchen of a (hotel) restaurant. An MDV BLUE roof extractor fan can be used for this. We also design fully customized air handling units for the extraction and ventilation of hotel and restaurant kitchens. These are fitted with both grease and carbon filters for filtering fine dust and cooking air.

For the brand new The Market Hotel in the center of Groningen, the installer has realized a unique project in collaboration with Mark Climate Technology.
Terrace heating

Terrace heating

When guests are sitting outside on the terrace, they should experience a pleasant temperature. Our infra-red patio heaters are a great solution for this purpose. The INFRA ER 2600W is an electric infrared heater that heats objects and people in a room directly, without air displacement. Infra-red heating is considered as very pleasant and can be used in a very targeted manner.

Infrared heaters are a very suitable choice for heating indoors!

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Air curtains

Air curtains

The doors of a restaurant or cafe are regularly opened and closed by people entering and leaving. A lot of warmth is lost in this process. This heat loss can be prevented by using air curtains. Air curtains create a separation between the cold outdoor air and the warm indoor air. Upon entering the room, the visitor immediately experiences a comfortable temperature. In addition, the devices ensure that dust, unpleasant odors and insects from outside do not enter. In this way, a restaurant can open its doors in an energy-efficient way.

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Heating, cooling and ventilation for the hospitality industry

Each restaurant, hotel or bar has a different layout and surface. As a result, the climate solution will differ per project. Mark Climate Technology is happy to advise!

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