Electric radiant heating

The electric radiant heating range of Mark Climate Technology consists of electric radiant panels, infrared heaters and infrared panels. Check it out!

INFRA ER 2600W electric radiant panelINFRA ER 2600W electric radiant panel
  • Colour: black
  • Heats 12-18m²
  • 2 settings on the remote control, 24- hour timer control, weekly timer
  • MICA radiation system
  • Protection against overheating
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What is Electric Radiant Heating?

With electric radiant heating, objects and people can be heated directly without air displacement. The technique used for this is infrared, which has the same positive effects as sunlight. The even distribution of the heat and the fact that there is no air circulation makes infrared heating one of the most comfortable types of heating available on the market. Due to the short heating time and the lower room temperature, high energy savings can be achieved.

Infrared heating panels

You have also come to the right place for infrared heating panels at Mark Climate Technology. The INFRA ER 2600W heats objects in a room directly, without air displacement. As a result, rooms are heated quickly and pleasantly. The infrared heating is easy on the eyes and completely silent. The units can heat an area up to 12-18m². Thanks to the optional remote control or on/off button, the devices are easy to operate.

Application Electric Radiant Heaters

The electric radiant heaters from Mark Climate Technology are perfect for heating offices, schools, churches, shops and can even be used as patio heating. The compact infrared radiators from Mark Climate Technology take up little space and are easy to install.

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