Eurovent certification for entire range of MARK air handling units

Air handling units Eurovent certified

In addition to the Mark AIRSTREAM heat recovery units, the entire range of Mark AHU air handling units is now also certified according to the EUROVENT quality mark. This European energy label for air handling units classifies an AHU on various points based on the European standards NEN-EN 1886 (mechanical properties) and NEN-EN 13053 (nominal values and performances).

To ensure that all suppliers use the same test method, and above all maintain their quality, an assessment is carried out by EUROVENT. In addition, the manufacturers are regularly checked whether they still meet the measured report marks. In this way, the customer is always guaranteed a high-quality product.

Mark AIRSTREAM AHU air handling unit

Mark AIRSTREAM AHU air handling unit

The air handling units from Mark Climate Technology can be produced entirely according to the wishes of the customer. From a simple air intake unit to a fully automatically controlled air handling unit suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. Various heating systems are optionally available. Heat recovery and cooling are also possible. To heat, cool and ventilate in a sustainable way, the Mark AIRSTREAM AHU can be combined with one or more heat pumps.

AIRSTREAM AHU air handling unit

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