Gas-fired air heaters for DIY store

High efficiency air heaters for heating and ventilation

Mark Climate Technology supplied 2 GC+ high efficiency air heaters with a centrifugal fan for the rebuild of Karwei, a hardware store, in Apeldoorn. The units serve to heat and ventilate the sales area. The connected plenum ensures optimal air distribution. In addition, 2 pieces of GS+ high efficiency air heaters with axial fan are supplied for heating the entrance and the goods receipt.

Custom switch boxes

At the request of the customer, Mark supplied specially designed switch boxes for air heater control. These control cabinets make it possible to modulate multiple air heaters based on the room temperature.

What is hot air heating?

What is hot air heating?

A hot air heater blows warm air into the room. This air is heated by means of a gas-fired heating module. The Mark G+ high-efficiency condensing modulating heating module has an efficiency of over 106%, which means that significant energy savings can be achieved. The warm air is blown into the room by means of a fan. Our units can be with an EC fan as standard. These speed-controlled and energy-efficient fans are very quiet and provide the highest efficiency with speed control.

Looking for gas-fired air heating? Mark Climate Technology is the right choice for a high-quality and affordable air heating system. You can always count on excellent quality, because we develop and produce our gas-fired heaters in-house. Thanks to an extensive capacity range, the devices have a wide range of applications.

Gas-fired air heating units