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PinTherm Infra Connect

Article code: 0629109

The Pintherm Infra Connect is a digital room thermostat to switch an Infra on/off or control high/low or modulating based on room temperature. The settings of the thermostat can be read and/or modified with Modbus or Ethernet. The thermostat can be connected to the BMS (building management system).


  • Power Pintherm Infra Connect : 230Vac / 50Hz
  • Own consumption: < 9W
  • Clock : 24 hour clock with automatic summer/winter time switching
  • Switching programs : 3 switching programs a day
  • Switching differential: 1°C
  • Dimensions: 166 x 160 x 106mm (bxwxh)
  • Weight: 880 grams
  • Protection class: IP-54
  • Installation environment :
    Transport/storage: -20°C until +70°C
    Operational: -10°C until +60°C
    Relative air humidity: 0-90% not condensating
  • Switch contact(s)*:
    Heating: 230Vac/16A (4A)
    Others: 230Vac/10A (2,5A)
  • Temperature setting : 0 until 39°C per 1°C adjustable
  • Overtime timer : adjustable 1, 2 or 3 hours (060, 120, 180)
  • Calibration : adjustable from -3.5°C until +3.5°C
  • High/low switching: Temperature 1K, 2K, 3K or manual. Pintherm Infra Connect always starts 20 min on high a heat demand.
  • Languages : NL/EN/DE/FR/PL/RO/LT
  • Fuse: 6A


  • External black bulb sensor (order code: 0629087)

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