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5-Position Transformer Regulator 230 V

Article code:

6A (0616186)
6A (3003095: Ecofan P)
6A (3003096: Ecofan W142)
12A (0616188)
12A (3003097: Ecofan W142)
14A (0616189)

Regulator to regulate the speed of 1~230V voltage adjustable fan motors.


  • Option to connect several fans with the maximum connection current;
  • Protection class IP54.
  • Selector to switch the fan to 6 positions, including off;
  • Green operating lamp;
  • Option to connect a room and/or construction thermostat;
  • Option to control and air valve for example via a co-switching contact (max 2A);
  • Motor protection via thermo contacts (not for PTC thermister). The regulator switches off automatically in the case of overload.

Controls/to be applied for:


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