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mpvc controller

MPVC Controller

Article code: 3004295 Controller to convert the 0-10Vdc signal from a building management system to a modulating on/off signal.

G+ Signal Amplifier

G+ Signal Amplifier

Item: 0631305 To amplify the 0-10Vdc control signal during operation of upwards of 3 GS+ or GC+ modulating air...

RC Remote Control

RC Remote Control

Remote control for the Airstream Remote control for the Airstream, for entering all parameters in a simple and userfriendly way....

co2 sensor

CO₂ sensor

Order code: 0629165 Sensor that detects CO₂ content in the air. The detection range of this CO₂ sensor is...


Order code: 0699114 5-position regulator to control the hot water air curtain fan on the EASYAIR P model with...

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