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Easyair water-supplied or electric air curtain

electric air curtain

Keep cold and contaminated air outside with a water-supplied or electric air curtain

Thanks to its broad range, the Easyair water-supplied or electric air curtain can be used in any sort of open entrance, such as in shops, supermarkets, builder’s merchants, offices and hospitals. The air curtain is suitable for an installation height of up to 4.10 metres and is available in widths from 1.0 to 3.0 metres.

The use of a three-row heat exchanger means the Easyair air curtain is energy efficient. The water-supplied air curtain is supplied as standard for a low water temperature of 80/60ºC. The conversion table may be used for other water temperatures.
By using a thermostatic 3-way valve, the air outlet temperature of the air curtain can be kept constant.

Suitable for use in shops, offices, hospitals and factories.

Features Easyair

  • Extensive range
  • Standard white finish in RAL 9010
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to maintain

In addition, available on request:

  • EASYAIR EC with DX changer for heating and / or cooling
  • EASYAIR Hybrid: combination of water-fed and electric air curtain.

EASYAIR types M and L will be standardly delivered with a speed controlled low noise EC-fan. For type LXX this is available on request.


  • The highest efficiency in case of speed control
  • Up to 50% energy saving in case of  partial load
  • Almost completely linearly adjustable
  • Long lifetime
  • Low noise level
  • Integrated electronic thermal protection

water supplied air curtain

Controls/to be applied for:

speed control regulator

GTC IIE Regulator

Regulator to control electric air curtain The GTC E is an electronic regulator to control the EASYAIR E electric...

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