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Air conditioning

Tanner MDC

Versatile hot water air heater The TANNER MDC is a water-supplied suspended air heater which can expel air horizontally...


Plug and play heat-recovery unit Increasingly high demands are being placed on the air quality in buildings. Multiple ventilation...


Ceiling heat recovery unit The Mark ERV is the ideal solution for energy efficient ventilation and a comfortable indoor...

air handling unit


The top indirect fired air handling units Mark has developed a range of air handling units with several options...

Gas heater: rooftop heater

Rooftop air heater

Reliable and highly versatile The MARK ROOFTOP provides the option of moving the boiler room outside the building for...

GC air heater

Reliable and highly versatile Over the past 70 years, this gas-fired air heater with centrifugal fan has proven itself...

Gas heater: GC+ air heater

GC+ air heater

Custom made environment friendly In addition to the HR air heater, the Mark range also includes a gas-fired, high performance...

Gas heater: Calflo

Calflo air heater

Maximum performance with the Calflo air heater The MARK CALFLO is a make up air heating system. This means...

industry cooling


Sustainable ventilation and adiabatic cooling The Mark ColdStream adiabatic cooling is based on the evaporation of water. The required...

Heat pumps

Wide range of DX heat pumps with various applications Mark Climate Technology also has the energy-efficient TOSHIBA heat pumps...

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