Adiabatic cooling

What is adiabatic cooling?

Adiabatic cooling is based on the principle of evaporation of water – also known as evaporative cooling. The heat required for this is extracted from the outside air. That is why this method is an effective way to cool a building or space, especially at high outside temperatures. We distinguish two types of adiabatic cooling, direct and indirect.

With direct cooling, the air to be cooled (usually outside air) is drawn through a water-saturated package or pure water is atomized by means of reverse osmosis membranes. On the package, some of the water evaporates through the supply air flow, causing the temperature of the air to drop. The humidity will increase slightly.

In indirect systems, the air cooled by evaporation does not enter the room directly, but is transferred via a heat exchanger to another air stream (usually outside air). The supply air can absorb cold in the heat exchanger without becoming damp itself. This allows a room to be cooled without increasing the absolute humidity.

COLDSTREAM – direct adiabatic cooling

COLDSTREAM – direct adiabatic cooling

Mark has the COLDSTREAM in its range for direct adiabatic cooling. With this unit, the fresh outside air flows through cellulose filters moistened with water. The evaporation of the tap water lowers the air temperature in a natural and environmentally friendly way. The technology is reliable, safe, simple and virtually maintenance-free.

The Mark COLDSTREAM is particularly suitable for cooling and ventilating large industrial spaces, such as workshops, garages and welding halls.

COLDSTREAM adiabatic cooling unit
AIRSTREAM HYBRID – indirect adiabatic cooling

AIRSTREAM HYBRID – indirect adiabatic cooling

Mark offers the AIRSTREAM HYBRID for indirect adiabatic cooling. This heat recovery unit is equipped with an adiabatic cooling section in the return of the heat recovery unit. In the summer, the exhaust air is humidified, resulting in adiabatic cooling. The cold air is delivered to the warm outside air via the heat exchanger. The humidity of the fresh air will not increase as a result.

The AIRSTREAM HYBRID is also equipped with a DX cooler (heat pump). By switching this on, the humidity in the room will decrease further. This will further improve the operation of the adiabatic cooling on very hot days with high humidity.

By applying this principle, ventilating cooling can be carried out at very low operating and maintenance costs. The system is also very environmentally friendly. In winter, the AIRSTREAM HYBRID fully functions as an high efficiency heat recovery unit and the heat pump can be used as a postheater.

AIRSTREAM heat recovery unit
Mark AWS-EPA Adiabatic Dry Cooler

Mark AWS-EPA Adiabatic Dry Cooler

The Mark AWS-EPA adiabatic series is a range of Dry Coolers with an integrated adiabatic precooler. This pre-cooling system is used to cool ambient air before it enters the coil, thereby ensuring an increase in cooling capacity and large energy savings.

The adiabatic dry coolers allow to obtain the following temperatures in the heat exchanger:

  • DRY AREAS: 15ºC below the maximum outside temperature.
  • MEDIUM AND WET AREAS: between 10ºC and 5ºC below the maximum outside temperature.
AWS-EPA Adiabatic Dry Coolers

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