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Pass Through Box

Item: 0647080

Box to enable several Mark devices to be connected to 1 room thermostat or Pintherm controler.


  • Illuminated reset button to indicate and reset a burner trip
  • Selector for heat / off / ventilate.
  • Selector for heat / off / ventilate.
  • High/low selector.
  • The following thermostats may be connected to the pass-through box:
  • Pintherm Order code: 0629085
  • 230V room thermostat Order code: 0629013
  • 230V room thermostat Order code: 0629048


  • External roomtemperature sensor PinTherm (item: 0629086)
  • External black bulb sensor PinTherm (item: 0629087)

Controls/to be applied for:

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