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Thermostats and time switches

Thermostats and time switches to control your Mark product

Regulating and controlling a device can be done in many ways. Everyone has their own ideas and wishes about this as well. Mark has developed many possibilities from standard to project-based solutions.

Our range of products includes various types of thermostats, controllers, selector switches and control panels. Controls specifically produced according to the wishes of the customer are also possible, for example, a switch that regulates and controls multiple devices. There are also various possibilities with respect to the applied control. For example,  a control based on a day and night surveillance or room and supply air temperature.

Mark has its own electrical engineering and assembly department for each application and can therefore offer a solution for each application.

Our sales team will be glad to inform you about this. Call +31 598 656 612 for more information and free advice.

Among other, our package of control equipment consists of:

waterproof room thermostat

Waterproof Room Thermostat

Waterproof room thermostat with adjustable differential Waterproof room thermostat (IP65) with adjustable differential. Measures the temperature using a sensor...

pipe thermostat

Pipe thermostat

A pipe thermostat for a water-supplied air heater A pipe thermostat to start a water-supplied air heater, when the...

Digital time switch

Digital Time Switch

Digital time switch to switch installations on and off Digital time switch to switch installations on and off or...

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