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Process exhaust system for Purall in Eindhoven (the Netherlands).

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A challenging project for Purall from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The client Diffutherm is building a new manufacturing plant in Hapert in the Netherlands and requested Purall company in Eindhoven to offer a process extraction system. The system is for a very large air output, the customer had required to regain energy from the exhaust air.

Purall addressed Mark Climate Technology and asked us to build an aluminium air handling unit with an air displacement of 60,000 m3/h. The unit was required to be equipped with filters, a heat recovery section and a water-fed heater. It was also required that the unit had to be as light as possible.

Our Technical Advisor worked on the application and after several adjustments in the quotation, Mark was granted the order for the delivery of three Mark air handling units. The units were delivered in parts delivered with three trucks, due to the dimensions of the unit special transport had to be arranged. The delivery includes:

  • two Mark AHU 35-25
  • one Mark AHU 20-20

The assembly of the various parts of the AHU took place on site and was performed by Mark’s own Service Department.


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