MAP (Mark Air Purifier) air purifier

Multi-functional and mobile air purifier

The Mark Air Purifier (MAP) is a mobile recirculation unit, which uses 100% recirculation air. To allow air to recirculate responsibly, the MAP is equipped with a HEPA filter with an optional UV-C lamp.

UV-C is a form of ultraviolet radiation that seriously damages the DNA and RNA of micro-organisms. As a result, viruses, bacteria and fungi cannot divide and they die. This proven technique has been used for years to disinfect drinking water and equipment.

A HEPA filter is an air filter that blocks between a minimum of 85% and a maximum of 99.999995% of all dust particles of 0.1 micrometer (μm).

The unit is equipped with a differential pressure switch to detect pollution of the filter.

The MAP is also equipped with a CO2 sensor with optical (LED) and acoustic signaling. In this way, the users of the room know when the CO2 concentration is too high. This signaling is especially for rooms with many people, so that people know when the room needs to be left and when it needs to be ventilated. For example mechanically or by opening windows and doors.

The unit is very quiet thanks to built-in silencers.

The Mark Air Purifier (MAP) has a variable air flow and is suitable for various areas, such as classrooms, waiting areas and hairdressing salons.

  • Energy-saving EC fan
  • Compact construction
  • Plug & Play installation
  • HEPA-filter (H13)
  • Pre-filter ePM1 80% (F9)
  • Equipped with silencers
  • Variable air flow up to 1350 m3/h
  • RAL 9010 powder coating (other colors on request)
  • Presence sensor
  • Philips UV-C lamp (36 Watt)
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