ERV MOBILE ventilation unit

Mobile ventilation unit for temporary or permanent effective ventilation

To quickly and easily provide rooms with effective ventilation, Mark has developed the ERV MOBILE. This mobile ventilation unit has the interior of a Mark ERV 1000 and a housing painted in RAL 9010.

This mobile ventilation unit is the ideal solution for energy efficient ventilation and  comfortable indoor climate.

The ERV MOBILE fits through all common doors and is equipped with wheels for easy movement and is therefore very suitable for schools, nurseries, offices, churches and other public spaces.

For central heat recovery, please refer to the Mark AIRSTREAM.

  • High efficiency for optimal air comfort
  • No condensation drain required
  • Removable wheels
  • Equipped with wired Touch control
  • Delivered ready to plug
  • Exchange of heat and moisture
  • Energy-saving BLDC motor with 10 speeds
  • Innovative high efficiency counter flow exchanger
  • Low weight
  • Indoor installation
  • Automatic bypass, intelligently controlled by outside temperature
  • Plug & play control, optional CO2 and humidity control function, remote control and Modbus/BMS control available
  • ErP 2018 ready!
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