Hydraulic bending machine

Indispensable tool

A pipe bender is an indispensable tool for bending various pipe materials with an outside diameter of 3/8” to 4”. You can contact us for the Mark BENDER hydraulic pipe bending machine. This pipe bending machine comes in a wooden box that contains all the materials needed to bend pipes. So you can get started quickly at work.

Guaranteed quality from Mark: according to ISO 9001

The production of the bending machine supplied by us takes place in the Netherlands and takes place exclusively in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. This is a guarantee of quality and reliability. Together with the many years of accumulated knowledge and experience, this gives you the security you desire. In addition, we only use high-quality Western European components and the automated machinery works with the latest technology. This means constant quality and fast delivery.

In the unlikely event that a part breaks or gets lost? You can also contact Mark for spare parts and overhaul kits. This way you can continue to use your pipe bending machine.

How does a pipe bender work?

Some pipes such as a gas pipe are not bendable. To give these pipes the right shape, you can use a pipe bender. When you choose a hydraulic pipe bender, you can easily get the pipe in the right shape.

First, grease the tube to be bent and place it between the corner molds and the bending mold. Now moving the lever up and down will start the engine and bend your pipe. If you have bent the pipe too far, our pipe bender also has a stretching jig. This allows you to reduce the angle in the pipe.

The Mark hydraulic pipe bending machine is supplied through our own dealer network.

Advantages of the Mark hydraulic pipe bender
  • Robust
  • Long life
  • Supplied in sturdy wooden box
  • Low weight folding frame
  • Open frame for repetitive bending work
  • Manual or motor control
  • Parts and repair kits available
  • Stand available as an option
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