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RC Remote Control

Remote control for the Airstream, for entering all parameters in a simple and userfriendly way.


  • The hand terminal controls the unit via graphical displays.
  • All temperatures, setpoints, clock times and alarm messages can be displayed in the display.
  • All menus and graphic displays contain only relevant information.
  • Alarms that are activated by the system have the highest priority and are indicated by a flashing red LED. Alarms are displayed graphically at the top of the display.
  • Only authorized users can modify the system parameters and access to the scheme may be granted for 3 different levels: User / Installer / Service.
  • Voltage 24 V DC, ±15%.
  • Consumed current 45 mA
  • Modbus RS-485, 115 kBaud
  • Modbus connection 2 x RJ12 6/6
  • Max. cable length is 50 m (in a low EMC environment)
  • Display Monochrome, 240 x 128 pixel, backlight
  • Scroll wheel 24-stappen turn-and-push dial
  • LEDs 1 x green / 1 x red
  • Push buttons Membrane buttons, 1 x ESC / 1 x ?
  • Room temperature 0°C /+50°C
  • Air humidity 10-95% RV
  • Dimensions 170 x 40 x 82 mm
  • Modbus cable MPFK6S
  • Class IP20, ABS
  • Weight 150 g

Controls/to be applied for:


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