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GTC I/II Regulator

speed control regulator

Regulator for hot water air curtain

The GTC I/II is a 5-position regulator to control the fan on the hot water air curtain EASYAIR P model.


  • Dimensions 150x95x30 mm.
  • Equipped with color display.
  • Adjustable languages: NL/FR/ENG/DE/IT/PL
  • Parallel switching of max. 10 air curtains possible.
  • Fan mode 1-5 selectable
  • In case of a power failure, the settings remain saved.
  • External frost thermostat fault message on display.
  • Features automatic operation:
    • By means of a door contact control
    • By means of a door contact control and room thermostat
    • By means of a door contact and cooling control security

Order codes

  • 0699205 Thermostat GTC 1
  • 0699206 Control panel GTC 2 (with weekly timer)
  • 0699207 Control panel GTC 2 incl. fan, transformer etc, loose
  • 0699208 Control panel GTC 2 incl. vent, trafo etc, built-in

Controls/to be applied for:

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