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Switchbox W9-1 BRL


Switchbox  for controlling air heater

Switchbox for controlling 1 air heater with external air/recirculated air connection on the basis of room temperature and minimum inlet temperature monitoring. With the option of setting the external air pro portion by means of a position switch.


  • Steel plate box with cylinder lock
  • Dimensions: 500x400x200mm (hxwxd)
  • Digital temperature controller for control on the basis of daytime and night-time room temperature and monitoring of the minimum inlet temperature
  • Digital time switch with weekly programme
  • Selector 1/0/2 heating/off/ventilation
  • Holiday switch to allow the air heater to function at the night-time temperature over longer periods
  • Indicator lamp for indicating filter malfunction
  • Illuminated reset button to indicate and reset a burner malfunction
  • Control of the 24V modulating servo motor
  • Position switch to set the external air proportion during daytime operation
  • Potential-free contact to operate the extraction unit (24Vmax)
  • Supplied separately: NI1000 duct sensor and room sensor


During the night, on/off on the basis of a reduced room temperature with 100% recirculated air. During the day, monitoring on the basis of the room temperature with minimum inlet temperature monitoring.
The fan runs continuously with a proportion of external air.

Order code

  • 3004225

 Can be used for:

  • G(N)ST/RE
  • G(N)CT/RE

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