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Airstream Compact heat recovery unit

Airstream compact

Plug and play heat recovery unit

Are you familiar with our AIRSTREAM Compact? This economical and compact version of our Plug & Play AIRSTREAM heat recovery unit is equipped with a counterflow heat exchanger with bypass and a fully integrated control.

Where our AIRSTREAM is a custom-made and project-built device that excels in its versatility, the AIRSTREAM Compact is only equipped with the necessary options. This makes this unit an economical alternative for ventilation of offices, schools, workshops and changing rooms.

Features of the AIRSTREAM Compact

  • Compact and standard construction
  • Counter flow plate heat exchanger
  • Bypass for night ventilation and cooling
  • EC fans
  • Plug & play
  • Fully integrated control, connectable via internet to BMS, BACnet or Modbus
  • Air volumes of 600, 1400, 2000 or 3200 m3 / h
  • Efficiency> 90%Indoor and outdoor installation

Controls/to be applied for:

CO₂ sensor

CO₂ sensor

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RC Remote Control

RC Remote Control

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